People ask me why I am doing this collection and it is very simple – I have run out of white shirts and I really really want a holiday with my kids!

robbieingo represents a “take two” moment for me. When I had my label previously I was a at a very different stage in my life  - newly separated, single mother of two very young children and kind of a bit cracked up inside!

Now I am nearly 50, my kids are young, vibrant teen-agers and I am happy in myself. I have a posse of powerful, crazy, kind girl friends who keep me in check and always have my back.

I want to spend my days wearing stunning, detailed white shirts with jeans, denim shorts, cowboy boots, ballet flats, embellished scarves and silver jewellery for as long as I can. I hope to encourage women of all ages to just be themselves, not a slave to trends, but wear things that you love, that make you feel gorgeous, sassy and reflect your own individuality.

I want robbieingo to be worn by women from 11 to 70 years, basically from my daughter Sophie to my Mum, Jude. Why not! Style after all is a state of mind not an age.

I hope you form great memories, happy, light filled fun times wearing robbieingo – I know I will! xxx